‘Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth!’ Screencaptures

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I added screencaptures from ‘Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth!’ to the gallery. Enjoy!

Short of the Week

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Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth!
Set in 1955, Kenneth and his wife, Marjorie, are struggling with their respective roles within the marriage…

Ah! 1950’s American suburbia. It was such a simpler time—when people lived happy, quaint lives. The air was cleaner, the lawns were greener, and the gender roles were infinitely more f*cked up.

Pardon my French, but director Eric Pumphrey’s sardonic, twisted domestic drama, Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth! is the type of film that instills an inflammatory reaction. You see, in the United States we harbor a certain nostalgia for times long gone— a belief that the American dream peaked in the times of Ward Cleaver. Kenneth is a film designed to contort that notion—the heightened, macabre reality that exists behind a household’s idyllic facade.

Tonally, this is a film that explores some interesting territory. Starting subdued but slowly escalating to a darkly cartoonish level, its narrative is both disturbing and tongue and cheek at the same time. We watch as the dueling couple explores a litany of topics—from masculinity to social class, all the while biting our nails in fear over how the confrontation will end up. Unnerving, yes, but, also, humorous in the blackest of ways.

This tonal mashup was intentional. Corresponding via e-mail, director Eric Pumphrey writes: “With shorts, I like a little drama, a little comedy and a bit of surreality. That’s what I was going for with Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth! I locked in on the backdrop of 1955 and felt the social veneers/pressures of the era worked really well against the subject matter and dramatization I was striving for.”

But, thematic subject aside, the film’s technical achievements are plentiful. Most obviously, it’s shot entirely in one take. Now, we’ve seen a lot of “oner” shorts pop online as of late, but here, the motion of the camera work correlates perfectly with the action. Starting with a static shot, the camera movement slowly builds as the confrontation between our dueling couple escalates. It’s stylistic to be sure, but at the same time, feels like a directorial choice driven by narrative.

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‘Photoshoot’ Updates

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I apologize for the lack of updates. I was busy with RL and other sites. I feel bad for not doing anything for this site. I will try to change that :)

I finally added some photoshoots that I found a while ago. Beth looks gorgeous in them. Enjoy!

‘Complications’ Trailer

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Here is a first look at Beth’s new show ‘Complications’. Unfortunately, she is not featured in this trailer but the show looks really good.

‘Caper’ Screencaptures & Full Webisode

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Check out the screencaptures and clip of the last episode from ‘Caper’.

‘Caper’ Screencaptures & Full Webisode

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Check out the screencaptures and clip of the latest episode from ‘Caper’.

Interview with MaximoTV

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